Sunday, 24 February 2013

SNCL - Rounds 5 & 6

Despite the snow in Edinburgh both teams all arrived in time for Round 5.

1st team were out graded on most boards against Kilmarnock.
Simon had a solid win on board 5.
Thomas struggled a bit to repel threats against isolated d pawn and lost in the end.
I accepted draw in a position where I maybe had a slight edge.
Rudolph calmly played out a winning bishop and pawn ending.
This allowed Jamie to take a draw on top board in a position where he had the winning chances.
So victory 3-2 in the end.

2nd team were up against a strong Wandering Dragons team and battled very hard.
Lost 5-0 in the end though I think this flattered the Dragons.
Nick should likely have drawn the ending but rushed a little in time scramble and allowed a knight fork to win pawn.
I can't say for sure bit John Henderson may have been able to hold draw against Donald Heron but failed to win advanced pawn.
Douglas, Alistair and James fought well against tough opponents.

Afternoon saw 1st team lost 4.5 to 0.5 against a strong Glenrothes Kings.
Jamie suffered a slow squeeze by Andrew Burnett.
Simon lost early on.
Thomas had attacking chances but lost out to a mating attack I believe.
Rudolph tried to create chances on h file but opponent played solid to repel.
I exposed my king a bit with h4 and black had a great attack.
I found a knight move to create complications in mutual time trouble and a draw was agreed as opponent seriously risked getting mated if played on for win.

2nd team played a team of nippy youngsters winning 3-2 in the end.
Douglas converted an edge in what should have been a drawn ending.
Nick won. James and John drew.
With match decided Alistair played on and lost in the end.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the games.

Not sure where this leaves teams for promotion / relegation.

Will see when official results posted!