Sunday, 31 March 2013

SNCL round 7

The First Team

Findlay Murray 1816, Crawford Macnab 1783, Nigel Chapman 1702, David Stewart 1653 and Richard Scott 1572.
The morning match we played Dundee City B who out graded us on every board.
Crawford's opponent on Board 2 did not turn up, so we won that game by default.
Nigel finished first on the White side and missed a tactic which lead to a hopeless position and lost.
My position looked to be heading for a draw as the pieces came off fairly quickly in which the pawns were equal and symmetrical and a draw was agreed.
That left Findlay and Richard.
On Board 1 Findlay played very well and secured a draw.
Richard also secured a hard fought draw, so the match ended 2.5 - 2.5 points draw gaining one match point and unknown to us at the time a vital match point.
The result moved both ourselves and Dundee City B on to six match points each in which our opponents had a better board count.
The focus was then was on the match between Kilmarnock who had four match points and a better board count than both ourselves and Dundee City B.
If Kilmarnock could win their last match they would save themselves from relegation and we would be relegated instead !
With one game remaining in the match they were surprisingly 2.5 - 1.5 points ahead, although in a Rook, Bishop and Pawns ending they were a pawn down.
After quite some time Glenrothes Kings won the game which drew the match in which Glenrothes Kings gained promotion with Greenwood, while Kilmarnock along with Stonehaven were relegated to Division 3.
For next season the First Team remain in Division 2 by one match point, which is a great result.
Our record this season in which we were out graded in most if not all the matches were that we won against Kilmarnock, drew against Dundee City B, East Kilbride, Edinburgh 2 and Stonehaven. We lost to the top two teams Glenrothes Kings and Greenwood who were the Champions.
One amusing incident happened after the match. The players from Greenwood, Irvine meet up socially with the players from Kilmarnock their local rivals. The players from Greenwood presented each player from Kilmarnock with a wooden spoon after they had just been relegated.

The Second Team
Douglas Heatlie 1564, Alistair Forbes 1473, Nick West 1353, George Anderson 1337 and Ernie McVey 1338.
The morning match against Dunfermline Knaves our team were just too good, although there was not much difference between the grades.

Wins for Douglas, Alistair, Nick with George and Ernie drawing, winning the match by a score of 4-1 points.
The Second Team ended the season in third position, out of ten teams. We only lost two matches against the two much stronger teams that gained promotion being Pentland Hills and Wandering Dragons who were the Champions.

For both Bank of Scotland and Civil Service Chess Clubs another successful season with two joint teams in the National League.
The ten players that competed for the Bank of Scotland this season were: Jamie Mollison, Findlay Murray, Thomas Grundy, Nigel Chapman, David Stewart, Alistair Forbes, James Turner, John Henderson, Ernie McVey and Louis Ferrie.