Sunday, 9 June 2013

Rudolph nearly won Scottish Championship in 1967!

David Stewart writes:

I came across this Scottish Championship Report that Rudolf Austin had a good chance of winning. The game in Round 6 between Rudolph Austin and Gerald Bonner of Glasgow Chess Club is mentioned.

Glasgow Chess Club had its own premises in Glasgow and closed in the early 1970s.

Winning this game for Rudolph would have put him a half a point in front of the field with one game remaining. Rudolph has mentioned on more than one occasion that he froze in a winning position against the favourite. I think at the time Rudolph was playing for Edinburgh Chess Club.

It also appears on behalf of Civil Service, Eric Allan was competing in this event.

I was fortunate to meet Eric when I was a member of Civil Service Chess Club in the mid 1980s when he visited Civil Service Chess Club at Argyll House. As far as I am aware Eric played in the team that won the Richardson Cup in 1939 on behalf of Civil Service Chess Club.

The Boys Champion was won by John Marr's son Donald.

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