Monday, 23 September 2013

Royal Edinburgh new development

At the AGM it was discussed using our Blog to keep members up to date and get their views on the eviction of TBC from the hospital grounds.

So here goes:

At the AGM we had two conflicting views as to when it would happen.

1 October
2 Not for some time

Sandy was going to be attending a meeting with a NHS member and other interested parties on Friday the 20 September.

His view after the meeting was that we could still have to February or May before we would need to be out. If May was likely then the CC could have another season there.

On Friday 20th I contacted Montague Evans (ME) who are working on behalf NHS Lothian  to make the planning application and was informed that the expected request for planning permission would be made at the beginning of October.  There is a four month statuary period before permission can to be granted but it was expected that it would take longer.

This morning I contacted Edinburgh City planning who confirmed that the expected an application for planning permission about the middle of Oct.  They also pointed out that Building Control would then need to check that everything was in order.  Presumably they then need to go to tender.

I was advised that Montague Evans would be the correct people to ask for an reasonably accurate estimate for when the eviction would happen.

My view the is that TBC need to contact ME for an estimate.  (I have the contact details)  If it turned out to be May then I can't see the rational for the TBC to hang on to May although it would suit our chess club.  If they get a guarantee of another year then  we have a decision to make. Go now or wait to next season as long as we didn't loose the option we are likely to have of moving to Slateford BC in a years time.

Slateford BC has been visited by Rudolph, Simon, Gerry and Crawford and is given a favorable report.

It is a very unsatisfactory situation we are in but your views are sought.  In the end we will need to vote but rather than having a meeting it could be done by email.