Wednesday, 19 November 2014

2014/15 SNCL Rounds 1 and 2


In the morning we drew 2.5-2.5 with Forth Valley B.

Nigel appeared to have some initiative but blundered later and lost.
Jamie had balanced game but his opponent went badly astray and allowed a quick king side attack with Jamie winning.
I had edge from opening and cashed in to win two pawns and navigated some tricks in endgame to win.
David is usually rock solid in SNCL but had a bad weekend losing this one when he would have expected to win.
Rudolph found himself a pawn down in double rook ending which opponent decided to offer draw.
On paper this is a match we needed to be winning.

Afternoon was against one of the big guns, Stepps Warriors, so much tougher.
Jamie had quite a symmetrical position out of opening and accepted a quick draw offer from 1981 rated opponent,
I had reasonable position out of opening against Sandinavian defence and accepted draw offer.
Rudolph lost material early on against strong opponent and lost quickly.
David's poor form continued and an early sortie with queen was repelled and uncastled king was difficult to defend against and a forced mate led to loss.
Nigel battled well on top board against Nolan and looked to be holding his own. Nolan reached time control and took time to construct a strong plan. Nigel perhaps played too quickly at this stage in a game that might have been able to hold.

We lost 4 - 1.

So overall not a disaster but failing to win morning game may bite us.


Morning game was a good 3 - 2 win against Dundee City C which looked to be made up of quite a few juniors.

Afternoon game was a 2.5-2.5 draw against Musselburgh.
A good win for George.
Some steady draws and don't know how Douglas managed to lose his ending. Can only imagine he pushed too hard to win it.

The great escape must go to James who salvaged a draw from lost position. His opponent in above position played Qa7 threatening Qa1 mate and so cxb3 was forced to give king room when Qa1+ wins rook on back rank. There were other pieces on the right hand side of the board.

Instead of Qa7 there was a forced mate starting with Ra1+.
Check all the available checks!

Well done to everyone.