Wednesday, 10 December 2014

CS1 v Pentland Hills 2 9 Dec 2014 Win 4-2

We won 4-2 in the end.
All games were close and hard fought.
Did not see the critical part of Neils game but looked like Neil salvaged a draw in a lost rook and pawn ending.
I managed to beat Hugh in a hard fought game that I was controlling well but lost a bit of control in mutual time scramble.
Rudolph never got attack going and lost again.
Doug had a pawn win and then solid progress controlling open file with major pieces.
Richard ran low on tiem with match already won drew an ending that with more time would have won.
Ralph had an interesting game with mutual pieces en prise for significant length of time but good win in the end.
Next match is monday 12th January at home to Gorgie Dalry.
2nd team playing same night so hopefully we can all make it as reserves will be thin on the ground.