Monday, 26 October 2015

SNCL 2015/16 Rounds 1 and 2


In the morning we beat Forth Valley B by 3.5-1.5.

Jamie had better position but opponent battled well and finished draw.
Adria had a bit of lucky escape when opponent missed a combination that started with Rf1xf7 that would have won a queen. Played well to finish with a draw in the end.
I did the hard work to win two passed pawns but then got rook trapped with only way to save it was to drop a piece to a fork. Opponent was wary of allowing compensation and delayed taking the fork which allowed rook to escape. He then blundered a piece and all over.
Findlay had solid game with black pieces and not much chance to play for win. Draw.
Richard had good win on bottom board made easier when opponent allowed a tactic winning a full piece.

Afternoon we beat Corstorphine 4-1.

Jamie had tough opponent and with pawn down in position where his pieces were less coordinated struggled to hold a draw and lost.
Adria had a nice pawn wedge and control of e-file with rooks. Opponent played too fast and dropped a piece in situation where he thought he might checkmate only for Adria to deliver checkmate.
I had solid win with black pieces made easier when opponent dropped b-pawn and allowed major pieces to pile in on the b-file.
Findlay had quick win with nice Qh5 check and Ne5 threats to fork king and queen. Opponent played on two rooks down but there was no good reason to do so!
Richard again had good win on bottom board.

Solid start against two teams we needed to beat.


Morning match was 2.5-2.5 I think.
Afternoon match was lost 3.5-1.5.

Well done to everyone.