Sunday, 29 October 2017

SNCL 2017/18 - Rounds 1 and 2

Round One first team lost to Wandering Dragons B.
I had better from opening and won a pawn, though pieces became uncoordinated to hold pawn and opponent repeated moves offering draw. Giving back pawn was too risky.
Richard lost exchange but created complications and was unlucky to lose.
Adria took a lot of time in opening to get a worse position, did well to draw in end.
Rudolph got confused by new time control and lost when doing ok.
Andreas had a very small edge in ending but no easy path to progress.

Round Two we beat Paisley.
I was level out of opening and opponent offered draw. Seemed good for match result.
Andreas won two pawns and eased to victory in king and pawn ending.
Rudolph appeared to be creating multiple mating threats and winning but suddenly a draw was agreed. Did not see the end. May have been need to repeat queen moves.
Adria had comfortable slight edge but in time pressure did well to hold the draw.
Richard again lost the exchange early on but persevered with some good compensation winning opponent queen in complex mutual time trouble.
Good result.

Clear that we are all trying to adjust to new time control of all moves in 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment. Especially Rudolph!

Round One 2nd team lost to Dumfries B.
In the end we defaulted one game which did not help.
Alistair did well to hold an ending with Q+B+pawns versus Q+pawns ending.

Round Two 2nd team lost to Musselburgh.
Did not see any games apart from George being edged out in K+P ending.
We were well out graded on all boards.